Warsaw is the largest city of Poland and the capital too, it stands on the Vistula River in the east central Poland, . It is the 9th most populous capital city in the European Union. It is the main hub for culture, entertainment and finance, towards the left side of the river there are famous tourist attractions and after the month of September, the Polish city opens the gate for art and culture by organizing international festivals and musical events.

Best time to fly Warsaw

the best time is when it is summer climate is warm and the humidity is very low, during this season one can experience sunlight and heavy rainfall , however apart from this one can also travel during the autumn season ,one can experience sunny as well as cloudy climate as well as the cool breeze blowing , however the winter season might not be a good time as the city experience an extreme cold climate with snowfall .

Tourist places to visit –

· Old Town

· Royal Residences

· Palace of culture and Science

· Warsaw Rising Museum

· Polin Museum of the history of polish Jews

· National Museum in Warsaw

· Copernicus Science Center

· PGE National Stadium

· The Vistula

· Places related to Fryderyk Chopin

Airlines that fly to Warsaw

Ways of transport

it offers couple of transport facilities to visit the tourist places , the best option to travel within the city id by bus and tram lines , one can buy tickets through kiosk however it can also be bought by drivers and that one has to pay the additional price . Taxi and the street cars are also available all the time fears are different in the night , One can also make use of the Warsaw Tourist card to enter the museums , public transport and there are couple of discounts also available on that card

However by the laid information one can plan the trip to Warsaw and in order to book cheap flights to Warsaw one can plan trip way in advance and before booking , individual should compare the prices of the airlines and then make the booking for the same


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