Washington DC, the US capital is filled with iconic monuments, large free museums and historic buildings where politicians and leaders roam and govern the country. Book cheap flights to Washington DC and get an unforgettable experience in the capital!

The capital has been defined through its neoclassical monuments and buildings, where museums and entertainment arenas, such as the Kennedy Center, are major sights in Washington DC. Visit National Mail, a park located in the center of Washington DC, stretching from the iconic Lincoln Memorial to Capitolium at the High Washington Monument.

Climate in Washington DC

Washington is located between the North and South States, and the summers are generally hot with July the most. If you plan to visit Washington DC during summer, shorts and short sleeves are a popular choice. Winter is cold and the temperature drops up to 4°C. Plan your travel accordingly to the climatic conditions of the city.

Travel to Washington DC

As one of the major tourist destinations in the United States, Washington is not hard to come to. You can book cheap flights to Washington DC easily in advance or wait for deals and discounts for the flight booking.

Best time to fly

Visiting Washington DC between the months of September to November and March to May is best. In the month of September, summer is gone and most of the tourists prefer this season to explore Washington.

Attractions in Washington DC

The big attraction in DC is of course the White House, but it's not the only thing - The Washington Monument, the United States Capitol, the many museums and especially the Lincoln Memorial are some other great sights. In addition, the city is designed in a very special way, which makes Washington stand out from all other cities that have been visited. There is therefore a lot to do in DC - so plan more than just a few days if you plan to travel there!

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