Discover Affordable Last-minute Flights on Google

Suppose you want to use the air route for your travel. In such a case, you might want to crack cheap last minute flights and save money. There are many websites that compare the price of different airlines and bring you the best deals available. Google Flights is one such tool where you can compare the fares of multiple flights and get the cheapest flight for your journey. If you want to enjoy a cheap flight using Google, be with this blog until the end.

How do I book a cheap flight using Google?

Google offers various services to people. One of them is providing information about cheap flights to passengers. You can compare the prices of different airlines and save plenty of your money using this feature of Google. If you wish to know how to find cheap last minute flights on Google, then follow the procedure given below:

  • Visit the Google search engine and type Google flight.

  • Select the city of departure and arrival. 

  • After this, you have to choose your trip type among one-way, round trip, and multi-city.

  • Next, select the number of passengers, dates, and preferred cabin class for your journey.

  • Now, tap on the search, which will redirect you to the next page with various available flight options.

  • Compare the price of different flights and choose the cheapest as per your convenience by clicking on continue.

  • Now, follow the simple procedure to book a flight and make the payment.

  • The respective airline you choose will send you the booking details on your registered email id.

Tips to get a cheap Google flight

Everyone wants to get the best flight for their travel in their budget. There are many websites, apps, and search engines where you can compare the price and choose your seat on the cheapest airline available. Here are some tips discussed below that may help you get a cheap flight:

  • Get a cheap Google flight using a calendar and date grid. Follow the simple process to book a flight and then compare the price on the calendar. Prices in the green color are the lowest.

  • Set up fare alerts and get notifications of the cheapest airline deals.

  • Instead of searching by airports. Search using the cities. It will give you multiple airport options, and you can choose the economical option.

  • Try adding more stops to your journey to reduce the ticket fare.

  • If it is possible, try to select a round trip as it is always an economical option rather than a one-way trip.

  • Passengers are advised to make their booking in advance to save money.

  • In case you have a credit card, you can use it to book your flight. Airlines provide extra discounts on credit cards. 

  • Instead of traveling on the weekdays, you should select the weekend to get cheap flights.


The information above can be used to inform about cheap flight deals on Google Flights. If you are still unclear about how I can use Google to discover affordable last-minute flights, then you can get a representative from Google for help by visiting their help center. You can also connect yourself with the respective airline’s officials and ask them about the cheapest deals.

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