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How do I book my ticket on Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines is an American-based airline. The passengers can benefit themselves with Allegiant Airlines' cheap tickets and save their time choosing a faster mode of transportation. They operate their flights around the United States of America. If you are in America and want to book your ticket with Allegiant. You can follow the below-given process:

  • Visit the official site of Allegiant Airlines.

  • Click on "Book my flight."

  • Enter the city of departure and arrival.

  • Select the type of trip one-way, round-trip, or multi-city.

  • Select the date and number of passengers and click on search.

  • Make the payment. The Airline will send the details of your ticket to your registered email id.

What are the ways to book Allegiant Airline tickets?

There are various ways to make Allegiant Airlines reservations with passengers. Some of the methods are here:

Online - The passengers can go to the official site and book their tickets directly from there.

Airline App - Travelers have the other option to book their tickets via the app of Airline. They need to download the app and log in with your number, and then they can make the reservation.

Call - You can also make the booking via call. You must dial 1702-505-8888 and ask the Airline representative to book your ticket. They will send you the payment details on your registered email id. Pay, and they will reserve you a seat on their Airline.

Ticket counter -You can also directly visit the airport at the ticket counter of Allegiant Airline and tell them to book your ticket. 

What is Allegiant Airlines' pet policy?

Allegiant offers you to fly with your pet. However, if you are flying with your pets in Allegiant, you are supposed to follow their guidelines for traveling with the pets. The Allegiant Airlines pet policy is discussed below:

  • Allegiant Airlines will allow you to take only your dogs and cats as your pets on the Airline.

  • The Airline permits you to use at most two carriers for your pets.

  • You are allowed to take at most two carriers on the aircraft. If you use one for your animal, you are left with only a carrier for your personal items.

  • The passengers carrying an animal on the Airline must pay a non-refundable fee of $50 per carrier.

  • Pets should be harmless, odorless, and non-disruptive; otherwise, the Airline will deny the entry of your pet into the Airline.

  • Passengers must strictly follow the above guidelines, or the Airline will deny boarding to the passengers.

What is the flight cancellation policy of Allegiant Airlines?

Passengers booked their flight with Allegiant and now wish to cancel it due to an emergency. You can cancel your ticket as per the guidelines of the Airline. Here is the Allegiant Airlines flight cancellation policy discussed in brief:

  • Travelers can cancel their booking for free for 24 hours from the booking.

  • In case travelers cancel their ticket after 24 hours of the booking. They are supposed to pay a cancellation fee to the Airline.

  • If a travel agent is involved in booking your ticket, you must contact the travel agent for the cancellation and refund.

  • Cancellation is allowed only on unused tickets. 

  • If cancellation is made due to any medical condition. Passengers are entitled to ask for a full refund by presenting a medical report to the Airline.

What is the baggage policy of Allegiant Airlines?

Passengers traveling with the Airlines must bring luggage with them. If you want to know how many bags you can take in the aircraft, you can view the guidelines of the respective airlines. If you're going to understand Allegiant Airlines' baggage policy, then you can read the points below:

  • Travelers are allowed to take one personal item with them on the Airline. These items can be your purse, Laptop, or small backpack. (must not cross the dimension of 20cm x 35cm x 45cm)

  • The Airline permits you to purchase one carry bag per person. (must be in a dimension of 25cm x 40cm x 55cm)

  • Passengers can further purchase up to 4 checked bags per person. (should not cross 203 cm in height+length+width or 50 pounds).

How much does Allegiant charge for extra luggage?

If you desire to know allegiant airlines baggage fees, then you can take a view at the below-given points:

Personal Items - The Airline will not charge you any amount for personal items like a purse, Laptop, or a small backpack.

Carry-on bags - You have to pay around $10 to $75 as per the size of your bags.

Checked Bags - If your bags fall in the category of overweight, you may have to pay as below:

  • Bags between 51 to 70 lbs have to pay $50.

  • Bags from 71 to 100 lbs will cost you $75.

What is the Check-in Policy of Allegiant Airlines?

The passengers flying with Allegiant must want to know about Allegiant Airlines check-in policies and time to reach the airport on time. To inform yourself about the check-in policies, read the points below:

  • Passengers can check in online for free 24 hours before the scheduled flight.

  • You have to visit one hour before the scheduled check-in time if you have asked for any medical assistance at the airport.

  • You are supposed to visit the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight for domestic locations, and for international flights, you need to visit 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight.

What are the ways to check in at Allegiant Airlines?

Passengers with Allegiant Airlines booking must look for ways to check-in. You have the following ways to check-in:

Online - You can go to the Airline's official site and check in from there. You can check in online 24 hours before the scheduled flight.

App - Allegiant has an app to log in and check in 24 hours before the flight.

Airport - You can visit the airport directly and check in from here. 

How do I contact the Airline?

Travelers may need clarification about the flight and wish to inform themselves about the fare or availability of the flights. In such a case, you can contact Allegiant Airlines customer service at 1702-505-8888 and get the necessary information from their representative.

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