Delta Airlines Reviews: Your Guide to Flying with DL

Before finalizing any airline, passengers must always obtain complete details and make comparisons with other alternatives. If you wish to travel via Delta Airlines but you are not sure about the decision, then Delta Airlines Reviews will help you. In the upcoming section, we will discuss everything about Delta Airlines, from its traveling class to different policies. You can go through the information carefully and then decide whether you wish to proceed traveling through this air carrier or not.

Overview of Delta Airlines:

Delta is one of the oldest air carriers in the United States. Delta Airlines Reputation has been maintained in the aviation world due to its amazing services and customer support. Its headquarter is situated in Atlanta. It provides the facility of different traveling classes to passengers to make a selection according to their convenience.

Delta Airlines provide the following travel class options to travelers:

  • Basic Economy: To reach your traveling destination, booking a budget-friendly seat can be achieved by selecting the basic economy option. It is best if you are traveling solo to a small distance location.
  • Main Cabin: Main cabin passengers are offered more flexibility and freedom as compared to the basic economy. You can upgrade your seats to a premium cabin and select your seats in advance to enjoy a comfortable journey. If you wish to manage your booking to change flights, then an additional fee is not applicable.
  • Delta Comfort Plus: If you make a reservation in the Delta comfort plus cabin, then apart from the services available to Main cabin passengers, you will be entitled to other facilities like priority boarding, extended legroom, early deplaning from the aircraft, and dedicated space to keep your carry on luggage in the overhead bins. The amenities of this fare class are the reason why travelers prefer to enjoy their ride in this spacious cabin.
  • First-class: If you are traveling for Business or any other reason to a long-distance destination, then First class must be your preference. It delivers impeccable amenities to travelers. You can change or cancel your reservation without paying a single penny if you use this traveling option.
  • Premium Select: Delta has introduced the newest traveling cabin known as “Premium travel,” in which you can recline your seats to travel more comfortably; you can also adjust your footrest and leg rests and stretch during your journey. Passengers are provided complimentary Delta studio to remain entertained throughout. Also, you can charge your devices since power ports are available at every seat.
  • Delta One: This is the most exclusive traveling class option. It offers lie-flat seats to passengers that can be adjusted up to 180 degrees. They also provide pillows and comfortable blankets. Chef-curated meals are delivered on an extra-wide table. Travelers can select complimentary beers and wines. Power outlets, noise-canceling headsets, and seatback screens are other amenities provided to travelers traveling in Delta one.

Delta Airlines Flight Change And Cancellation Policies:

Delta airlines have maintained the following important flight change and cancellation policies that must be followed by travelers before requesting flight change or cancellations. The important airline policies are given below:

  • If any customer cancels his reservation or changes his initial booking on the same day of the reservation, that is, within 24 hours, then no cancellation or flight change fee is applicable.
  • If any person purchases the main cabin or above ticket, then his ticket fare will be refunded in the form of e-credit that can be utilized at any time by the customer before the expiry date of the ticket.
  • Flight rescheduling can be done by visiting the “My trips” section before the departure of your flight. In case your flight fare is more than the initial purchase, then you are required to pay a differential amount to the airlines.
  • Basic economy tickets from Delta airlines are non-refundable and non-returnable.
  • If you do not cancel or change your flight before departure, then it will be of no use.
  • Flight changes due to sudden medical conditions enable customers to cancel their booking without paying additional fares.

Delta Airlines Baggage Policies:

The baggage policies of Delta Airlines must be considered by the passengers before traveling through the airline. Some of the important highlights are mentioned below:

  • Travelers can take checked-in bags, whose addition of total dimensions, that is, summation of length, width, and height, must not exceed 158 cm.
  • One personal item, along with one carry-on bag, can be taken by the passenger on Delta airlines for free.
  • The dimensions of carry-on bags must be 22” *14” *9” (56 cm * 35 cm * 23), and the wheels, handles, and other extensions of your bags must be under this limit.
  • No liquids or gels of more than 100 ml can be carried in your carry-on bags.
  • No sharp object or harmful device can be carried by the passenger to their destination on Delta flights.
  • If the size or weight of the luggage of passengers exceeds the limit described then customers are required to pay additional fares.
  • If you wish to carry sports items or musical instruments, then you can carry them as checked luggage by paying charges.
  • Wheelchairs or mobility devices can be taken by passengers.

Delta Airlines Baggage Fee:

Passengers can carry two checked-in bags, one carry-on bag, and one personal item along with them under the limit set by Delta airlines for free. If the weight or size exceeds then, additional fares are required to be paid as follows:

  • For the third checked-in bag, passengers are required to pay 150 dollars for a one-way trip.
  • If the number of your checked-in bags is from 4-10, then you can carry them by paying $200 each.
  • If the weight of your bag is 23-31.75 kg then $100; for 32-45 kg, $200 is to be paid.
  • Bags weighing more than 100 kg are not permitted by Delta airlines.
  • If the dimensions of your bags are more than or in between 63-80 linear inches then $200 is to be paid to Delta airlines.

Destinations Served by Delta Airlines

Though Delta airlines offer one-way and round-trip flights to several destinations and Delta Airlines Route Network is spread wide, some of the popular destinations are:

  • Alaska
  • Austin
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Florida
  • Boston
  • Houston
  • Las vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • New york city
  • Washington Dc

Delta Airlines Reputation

Delta has maintained a decent reputation among passengers and is being rated 4 out of 5 according to a survey conducted by the Department of transportation. It provides an easy booking online procedure and is available to help the customers in case of any discrepancies. 

Delta Airlines Customer Service And In-flight Amenities:

In case you come across any issue during your journey, then you can contact the customer care service of Delta airlines to eliminate your issue. They provide helpful assistance to the customers.

Delta Airlines offers assistance in the following two ways:

  • Live assistance: If any person wishes to communicate with a live Delta representative, then he can use this option. He can dial the official calling number: 800-221-1212, and to get in contact with customer care representatives to eliminate issues, they must follow instructions provided by an automated voice.
  • Virtual assistance: This medium can also be utilized by customers who wish to eliminate their concerns. This is a quick way to approach and receive assistance. The availability of this medium 24 hours also makes it much preferred. You can use the live chat facility of Delta and get solutions to your issues.

Delta Inflight Amenities:

  • Food and beverages are offered to passengers.
  • Clean Pillows and blankets are provided to passengers traveling to long-haul international destinations.
  • Amenity kits are offered to passengers taking care of safety protocols on international flights.
  • Entertainment facilities are provided depending upon the traveling class of passengers.

Pros And Cons of Flying With Delta Airlines:

The following pros and cons can be considered by travelers before reserving their flight ticket from Delta airlines:

Pros of flying with Delta Airlines:

  • You can select your traveling class from different cabin availability according to your preference.
  • The airline provides flights to multiple destinations that can be booked using miles.
  • If requested, Delta provides special assistance.
  • You can make flight reservations using your military discount coupons.
  • Assistance is available for kids traveling alone.
  • You can enjoy inflight services delivered by Delta that comprise supportive flight attendants, delicious meals, entertainment facilities, and luxurious seating options.

Cons of Delta Airlines:

  • Delta does not offer many services and seat selection facilities to basic economy passengers.
  • If you wish for more legroom space, then you have to select Delta one, comfort plus, or premium select as your traveling class which will increase your traveling cost.
  • Many customers consider Delta a high-cost air carrier.


Now that you have already gone through all the details provided about Delta airlines, it must be easier for you to decide on flight reservations.

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