20 Important Tips For Surviving Long Haul Flights

Imagine sitting at one seat in a confirmed place for 6 to 12 hours without much to do & no sightseeing or activities can be tedious, dull, and tiresome. Even if you have booked a window seat, how long can you look at the blue sky and white clouds? Here are the surviving tips for long haul flights to make a memorable journey. 

What is the Long Haul Flight?

When you book a direct and non-stop flight, a journey between 6 to 12 hours or above is considered a long haul travel flight. Usually, long flights are operated by widebody planes such as Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 and fly only once or twice a day. Carrying more passengers so offering a wide range of cabin classes. 

Mainly, long-haul flights are transcontinental, intercontinental, or larger countries like the United States, long haul domestic flights. The routes can be within the US and Oceania, the Middle East and Oceania, the US and the Middle East, the US and Central Asia, and the US and South Africa. 

Five Prolonged Flights Journey 

Check the list of the five long haul travel routes by the airlines: 

1. Singapore - New York City

   Airport: SIN to JKF

   Airline: Singapore Airlines

   Distance: 9,537 miles

   Estimated Flight Time: 18 hours, 30 minutes

2. Singapore– Newark

Airport SIN to EWR

Airline: Singapore Airlines

Distance: 9,523 miles

Estimated Flight Time: 18 hours, 30 minutes

3. Perth – London

Airport: PER to LHR

Airline: Qantas

Distance: 9,009 miles

Estimated Flight Time: 17 hours, 20 minutes

4. Melbourne – Dallas 

Airport: MEL to DFW

Airline: Qantas

Distance: 8,992 miles

Estimated Flight Time: 17 hours 35 minutes

5. Houston - Sydney

Airport: IAH to SYD

Airline: United Airlines

Distance: 8,596 miles

Estimated Flight Time: 17 hours, 35 minutes

20 Important Tips to Make Your Long Haul Flight Enjoyable

Airlines made it possible to reach the opposite pole of the planet faster and more comfortably. Now, you can easily visit the far-flung locations. However, the journey can be long if you are booking a distant destination, i.e., intercontinental and transcontinental. Suppose your flight is more than 10 hours, it means you need to be mentally strong to sit in one place to reach your desired place. Hence, tips for long flights are discussed to make your journey delightful. 

Things to do on a long flight

1. Upgrade 

Always prefer the Premium Economy, Business, or First Class at the time of making a reservation due to the comfort and itinerary offered to make the journey smoother. Check the fare and services provided by the airline before buying the tickets. If you are a frequent flyer, you can use the miles to upgrade your flight. 

2. Seat selection

Choosing your seat carefully is tip for long haul flights, if you are planning to sleep during the flight, it is better to buy the window seat. Passengers also have a choice to select the aisle seats and stretch their legs easily. If you have issues picking the seat, contact customer support to learn more about the seating arrangements. 

3. Carry your devices

Prior to boarding the flight, ensure your devices, such as a tablet, laptop, smartphone, and e-reader, are loaded with your favorite movies, games, shows, music, books, and apps. You can use this time to watch something on your to-do list. 

4. Power up

With the external charging device, you should fully charge your gadgets and carry extra battery backup if required. You need to check with the airline that their terms and conditions allow you to bring the lithium battery. Generally, less than 100 Wh power is permitted. 

5. Noise cancellation headphones

Headphones or earbuds that cancel the noise must carry the item. There is a possibility you are surrounded by the baby crying or people speaking loudly. Stop the screaming and plays audiobook or meditation music with your noise cancellation headphones to cut the noise and have a power nap or sleep. 

6. Don’t forget your pillow or blanket

Passengers can carry their comfortable pillows and blanket. Airlines offer pillows that you might not find comfortable, so pack your comfortable travel pillows. Another tips for long haul flights is to make the journey endurable.

7. Wear comfortable clothes

The temperature of the airplane is not comfortable for all passengers. You may feel chilling or freezing, or another traveler may find it warm. Thus, bring some layers, cozy socks and wear comfortable clothes. 

8. Eye Mask and Earplugs

If you need to sleep, don’t forget to carry an eye mask to block out the light. Even though most airlines offer masks, they are cheap and scratchy eye masks offered for long flights. 

9. Hand sanitizer or wipes

Must carry disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer required after snacks and meals to clean your hands. Unfortunately, food falls or drink spills from your hands, and you may need to clean it. Sometimes, you are required anti-bacterial wipes to clean armrests, seat belts or seat back trays, etc., left unclean by the earlier passengers. 

10. Don’t forget snacks and water

You are a sports person or, for medical reasons, need to eat or drink on your schedule following strictly. Buy the snacks and water in the terminal after you pass the security. Airlines don’t serve food or drinks before 40 minutes flight takes off on long haul flights

11. Sleep assistants

Flyers can carry the sleep comforts such as neck and lumber support for a longer flight. When traveling with kids, carry comfortable and cozy cushions so they can sleep peacefully and quietly on the plane. 

12. Books 

You can carry the book you want to read for a long time. Time can be utilized in a better way. Magazines and newspaper is also a great choice. You can finish the average size book for long-haul flights. This is a fantastic tip for surviving long haul flights when you are a book lover. 

13. Games

Whether you are traveling alone or with someone, accordingly to your taste, you can bring the games like a deck of cards, Scrabble Dictionary, and Travel Scrabble. 

14. Toys to entertain kids

Passengers can carry toys, tablets, and game consoles the best way to engage the kids because 12 hours air journey with kids can be a nightmare. You can load their tablets with favorite cartoons and games to pass the time.  

15. Engage in creative and educational ideas

Instead of watching movies or playing games, flyers can use their time more productively. Go for creative and educational activities like carrying a sketchbook, coloring book, or workbook things to do on a long flight. 

16. Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are another way to keep yourself busy throughout long-haul flights. Choose your favorite podcast and be able to forget that you are sitting in the plane when the host is discussing the topic that interests you. Pick the genre from sports to politics to remain alive on long haul flights and close your eyes. 

17. Use the time to pamper yourself

Passengers can use this time in a super way to calm and relax, especially when they are going on a trip to heal and enjoy the vacation. Even before flying to their destination, you can loosen your body with a glass of wine or tasty snacks or apply an eye and face mask and listen to soothing music. This is a good activity, you can push your seat back and put your feet up. 

18. Apps

Applications are a great way to spend time. You can download educational and entertaining apps. Go for Netflix and Amazon Prime, and download shows or movies to watch during the flight to survive long haul flights without any trouble. 

19. Sleeping pills

Less preferred, but this can save you the trouble. It is recommended to consult the doctor if you decide to take the sleeping pills. 

20. Be nice

You have to board the flight for a longer period. To be sane, you should maintain the decorum of the flight and be pleasant to everyone, besides considerate to fellow passengers. Be easy with the gate or flight attendants, and have patience during your long flight journey. 

If you follow the tips for long flights mentioned here, travelers will have a memorable flight experience. 

What are the Services Offered by the Airlines for Long Haul Flights? 

A full-service airline provides in-flight facilities and services to passengers to make the long flight comfortable. Check the list of things to do on a long flight offered by the airline. 

1. Entertainment 

A screen is shared at the back of the front seat, allowing movies, music, in-flight map, and games to spend time better. 

2. Meals    

Catering services are offered to travelers, including meals, snacks, and beverages. The best airlines provide delicious cuisines on their flight.

3. Cabins comfortable seats

Wide seats are offered with extra legroom so passengers can stretch their legs. The airline has different seats, so exit rows, aisle, and window seats are considered the best. 

4. Checked baggage

Passengers can buy additional space for luggage based on their requirements. 

5. Comfortables 

Passengers are sharing blankets, pillows, and Wi-Fi onboard. 

6. Suites 

Lavish suites accessible onboard no less than a luxurious hotel. Designed the First Class seats can be quickly convertible into beds. You can book Singapore Airlines, Oman Air First Class, Korean Air Kosmo Suite, British Airways, and Lufthansa First Class to avail of the services. 

In case the flyers have any issues or require help related to special assistance or inquiries about the services offered by the airline, passengers can contact the customer service number to get the latest updates. Visit the website for more details. 

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