Top 10 Popular Airlines for USA Travelers

For travelers, selecting the perfect airline for them is a crucial step as it can make the journey worth remembering, and there are many factors one must consider before choosing the airline that might be a good match for you. If you go through the information below, you will get all the details that can be used to pick the right airline for you from the top popular airlines for USA travelers, as you will be able to compare the airlines easily and the facilities and benefits you get to enjoy.

Travelers are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing from popular airlines for USA travelers to fly with an airline.

Criteria for Selecting Popular Airlines for USA Travelers

Travelers must choose an airline after considering their priorities while traveling and if the airline offers the service for it. You can pick the right airline by considering your priorities and whether you prefer being comfortable over affordability, you want to enjoy a wide variety of snacks and beverages, or you want to enjoy inflight entertainment or free wifi.

The criteria you must look at before making a reservation are given below:

  • Seat and comfort

  • Customer service

  • Inflight entertainment and wifi

  • Safety

  • Punctuality

  • Basic Amenities and resources

10 Popular Airlines for USA Travelers

1. Delta Airlines - A Top Choice for USA Travelers

Delta Airlines is the number one choice for travelers as the airline offers tickets at a price that is affordable, and the service is high quality. As a passenger, you can enjoy complimentary inflight entertainment, wifi, and seats that are spacious and comfortable.

2. Southwest Airlines - Why It's Preferred by USA Travelers 

Southwest Airlines is preferred by USA Travelers and is one of the USA Popular Airlines as you will have strong customer satisfaction and flexibility to change or cancel flight booking. Most travelers can afford the tickets easily as the airline offers them at a low fare.

3. Hawaiian Airlines - A Trusted Option for USA Travelers 

Hawaiian Airlines offers comfortable seating, priority service, and authentic Hawaiian hospitality. The airline has won many awards for the same.

4. American Airlines - Catering to the Needs of USA Travelers 

One of the essential requirements of travelers is the availability of flights on various routes, and American Airlines fulfills this need for connectivity to most places wonderfully.

5. Alaska Airlines - The Comfortable Choice for USA Travelers 

Alaska Airlines is renowned for being the Best USA airline for the travel experience as it offers reliability and exceptional customer service. It is the fifth-largest airline in North America. The airline has won many awards for being 

6. United Airlines - Connecting USA Travelers to Global Destinations 

As most USA Travelers usually travel with their family and friends, United Airlines has become one of the airlines that offers connectivity to major cities across the globe. The airline offers exceptional deals for group travels and to those who are a part of the frequent flyer programs.

7. Frontier Airlines- Delivering Exceptional Service to USA Travelers 

For those who want to experience exceptional customer service, Frontier Airlines is one of the best choices. The airline serves more than 100 destinations across the US and 31 international destinations outside of the USA. The customer service representatives are highly efficient and qualified to provide service in a proactive manner.

8. Allegiant Air - Why It's Popular Among USA Travelers 

Allegiant Air is one of the most popular airlines among USA travelers due to the ticket prices, which are cheaper as compared to other airlines' ticket prices, and the availability of destinations that are high in demand.

9. Spirit Airlines - Offering Convenience and Value to the USA 

Spirit Airlines is known for being one of the most punctual airlines. You can get flight tickets at an affordable price and choose from more than 90 destinations in the US and around the globe.

10. JetBlue Airlines - Enhancing the Travel Experience for USA Travelers 

With JetBlue Airlines, travelers get free wifi, live Tv, snacks, and a variety of destinations to choose from. One of the Best USA airlines for loyalty is JetBlue, as you can get a lot of benefits with the frequent flier program.


What is the #1 airline in the USA?

The number one airline in the USA is Delta Airlines, as the overall experience of the customers is excellent as the tickets are highly affordable, and the seating is comfortable for most passengers. The airline is also one of the safest to travel with.

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