How To Get Cheap Flights From New York To Illinois?

If you are one of those people who are lost in the busy lifestyle of New York and hardly find time for yourself to relax and be at peace. These are the times that call for a break that includes a trip to a place that has some tranquility in the environment. One such place is Illinois, located in the midwestern state, which is also named 'the Prairie State' and is marked by farmland, forests, wetlands, and more. It is safe to consider this place as a perfect escape from reality.

However, the real question arises when you have to manage the expenses and need to get cheap flights from New York to Illinois. There are multiple ways to get the best deals while booking a flight with any airline. Travelers need to make sure that they have subscribed to the email alerts, know about the accurate use of the Low fare calendar, and know how to apply student or senior citizen discounts on their reservation to get the affordable flight ticket. We have brought you top tips for getting cheap flights from New York to Illinois.

Top tips for getting cheap flights from New York to Illinois

To get the most affordable flight prices, book a flight from New York to Illinois per your pocket budget. Below are the top tips that are required to be followed:

  • Book tickets in Advance - The airlines increase their flights on days closer to departure. Hereford, booking the flight ticket in advance is one of the best ways to ensure that you will get the lowest price to make the booking. People can get the best and most affordable deal while booking the flight ticket if they make the reservation at least 3 months to 30 days before the scheduled departure. Another benefit of booking your flight in advance is the possibility of selecting the preferred seat.  

  • Set Price Alert - The airlines have the option to set a price alert so that they will get a pop-up every time the ticket price fluctuates. They have to set the price alert with Google and can save a good amount on making the reservation with any specific airline. 

  • Travel in economy class - Flying from New York to Illinois is a short-haul flight for the passengers, and they can survive in a small cabin as well. Economy class in a plane generally has less space in comparison to premium, business, or first-class cabins, but it can be considered the best flight class when it comes to traveling just for a few hours. 

  • Book during Cheap Days - The passengers can get affordable prices if they make the reservation of their flight ticket during the weekdays, i.e., on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They can get the best and most affordable deal during this time. 

  • Be Flexible - It is advisable to be flexible with your flight date and look for reservation prices on different dates with different airlines. You will likely find the perfect mix and match of the airline and days and get a good amount of discount on your reservation. Make sure you have a weel slot with you when you proceed to make the reservation of your flight ticket or start the search to book a cheap flight.  

  • Avail of Festive and Special Discounts - Travelers can avail of the festive discount or the special discount given to students, military personnel, senior citizens, and more. They will also find Christmas or New Year's deals a few weeks before the festival to get a cheap flight to their destination. 

  • Mix and Match the Airlines - The passengers can also book a connecting flight from two different airlines and see if they can get a cheap ticket compared to the direct flight they booked to reach their destination. At times they will get the best offer on connecting flights. 

  • Low- Fare Calendar- The passengers can use the low-fare calendar to book a flight ticket as they can find a cheap flight date in a specific month so that the passengers can choose the cheapest day to book a flight to their destination.

Explanation of the best time to book a cheap flight from New York to Illinois

The travelers are advised to book their flight to Illinois at least two weeks before the scheduled departure of their flight to get the ticket under the below-average price. The peak season to visit Illinois is May, June, and July, and therefore, ticket prices will generally be very high. However, travelers can find cheap and affordable flights in January from New York as it is considered to be the cheapest month. If the passengers book an early morning flight in that case, they will get the ticket prices cheaper by up to 12% in comparison to an evening flight.

List of alternative airports near New York to Illinois

These are the list of airports in Illinois where passengers can board and deboard their flight and ask for the best possible assistance. 

  • Quad International Airport, also known as Moline Airport- MLI.

  • General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport, also known as Greater Peoria Airport- PIA.

  • Central Illinois Regional Airport or Bloomington Normal Airport- BMI

  • Chicago Rockford International Airport- RFD

  • Springfield Airport- SPI

  • Champaign Airport/ Willard Airport- CMI

  • Belleville Airport or MidAmerica St. Louis Airport BLV

  • Williamson County Regional Airport/ Marion Airport- MWA

  • Quincy Regional Airport- UIN

Cheapest airport to fly from New York to Illinois

There is no such term as the cheapest Airport when it comes to making the reservation of your flight ticket, and passengers can only book Cheap Flights To Illinois by using the tips, tricks, and discounts allowed by the airlines. The airports work as a medium to provide certain services given by several airlines to the general public. So the discount and offers are only given by the airline. The airport staff only serves as a medium to provide them with ticket reservations, security check-in, and more. 

Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from New York to Illinois?

There is a list of a few airlines that provide passengers with affordable flights from New York to Illinois and ensure they get the best services. The list of airlines flying from New York to Illinois is here for you.

  • American Airlines

  • Delta Airlines

  • United Airlines 

  • Frontier Airlines

  • Spirit Airlines 

  • JetBlue Airways 


Follow the pro tips given above to get the answer about how to get cheap flights from New York to Illinois. And make sure you have done your complete research before settling with any airline. Till then, have a happy flight experience.

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