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The American ultra-low-cost carrier Avelo Airlines is headquartered in Texas. It offers flight services at a pocket-friendly price. If you are looking for an airline that can help you to travel on a budget, you should consider this airline. You can select your seats on Avelo flights for a better flight experience. Choosing the best seats on a flight is very important as it can make your journey memorable. The following blog discusses everything about the Avelo Airlines Seating process. Kindly go through the full article to learn about it better. 

Types of seats on Avelo Airlines 

Let’s begin by knowing the type of seats offered by Avelo Airlines. The airlines’ aircraft are designed with some of the best seats that comfort passengers. The following are the types of seats you will find on an Avelo flight. 

  • Standard seats: these are the most basic seats on Avelo aircraft. It is also the most affordable type of seat. Passengers book standard seats on short-haul flights. These seats are low on comfort but are suitable for short journeys. 

  • Premium seats: the next type of seats are the premium ones. They are more comfortable than standard seats and are also slightly expensive. They are bigger and offer more comfort to the passengers. 

  • Extra legroom seats: flight seats often do not have space for legs. On Avelo Airlines, you will find extra legroom seats that offer comfort. These seats are designed to provide more space in front of the seats so that passengers can stretch their legs and not sit uncomfortably. 

  • Exit row seats: certain seats are preferred by passengers due to their location. On Avelo flights, you can book seats near the exit row to board and disembark earlier on the aircraft. 

How to choose the best seats on Avelo Airlines?

After knowing the classification of seats, you would want to know how to get the best seats on Avelo Airlines. The seat selection process on Avelo Airlines is discussed below. You can go through it and learn the whole process. 

Early check-in Seat selection:

The first method to book your seat is during online check-in. This is a convenient and lucid way. Read the following steps to understand the process.

  • Go to the website of the airline by clicking https://www.aveloair.com/.

  • Hover your mouse cursor on the ‘Check-in’ tab and enter your confirmation code and last name in the check-in window. Hit the check-in button.

  • You will be taken to the seat selection stage in the next step. Choose a seat from the available options on the seat map.

  • Eventually, you should pay the seat selection fee to complete the process. 

  • You will get a confirmation email and your e-boarding pass on your registered email ID. 

Selecting premium or extra legroom seats during booking:

The next method is to select your seats during the time of booking itself. The whole process is discussed in the below points. 

  • Visit https://www.aveloair.com/.

  • Book a flight on your desired route.

  • Before the payment stage, you will be taken to the seat selection step. 

  • Choose your preferred seat from the available options on the seat map.

  • Lastly, pay the seat selection and booking fee. 

What are the Issues to avoid when choosing seats on Avelo Airlines?

When it comes to picking a seat on Avelo Airlines, you should avoid a few things. Certain things which you should keep in mind are-

  1. Avoid choosing seats near the bathroom or gallery, as it will create a disturbance.

  2. Avoiding seats with limited recline or overhead bin space. This ensures more comfort on your journey.

  3. Being aware of seating arrangements for families and groups. If you are traveling with your family, you should book your seats together. 

Tips for getting the best Avelo Airlines seating experience

The following are some additional things you should keep in mind while choosing seats on Avelo flights.

  1. Ensure that you are aware of seat fees and charges so that it doesn’t exceed your budget.

  2. Bring your comfort items, like an eye mask, neck pillow, etc., for added comfort. 

  3. You should check in early to secure preferred seats on the flight.


Avelo Airlines is preferred by passengers due to its affordable flight services. You can select seats on an Avelo flight during booking, the check-in process, or at the airport. You should consider booking the best seat on the flight for a convenient journey. To make this possible. You should book your flight well in advance so that you get your preferred seat.

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